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Advertising has recently been included in the scope of the Food Information Regulations under fair information practices.

This means that UK legislation now states that food information, advertising and product presentation cannot be misleading to a consumer and should always be clear, accurate and easy to understand.

Food business operators are involved in one the most highly regulated sectors in the world. Any potential issues that leak into the public domain can easily cause damaging effects to the reputation of a business, weakening consumer confidence in products and ultimately costing money to resolve.

In order to avoid these types of issues and additional costs further down the line, Food Labelling Services work with organisations to ensure their advertising is checked thoroughly and fully complies with UK legislation before being released to the public. We provide a fast, professional service that is personalised and tailored to the needs of your business whilst remaining accurate at all times.

For example, some adverts specifically promote the nutritional benefits of food or drink products which, whilst being perfectly legitimate, can sometimes be a dangerous game -  the advert still has to comply with the Nutrition and Health Claims Regulations.

Advertising material refers to all types of direct marketing, media advertising and websites to name a few. If these go unchecked, there can be serious consequences for any business.

This is where Food Labelling Services can help.

Our expert consultants can support you by analysing your advertising material, reporting on key issues or problems and offering viable solutions in a professional manner. Assessing your advertising material quickly and efficiently, our team can ensure any obvious errors are removed and all UK regulations are met sufficiently.

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