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Imported Products from Outside the EU

Legislation introduced in 2014 requires all food products imported from outside of the EU to comply with a new set of food labelling regulations before being sold – these are known as the ‘EU Food Information Regulations’ or ‘FIR’ for short.

This piece of legislation has been introduced to ensure consumers are able to make an informed choice when purchasing food products.

If your organisation is involved with food products in any way, this new set of laws have brought widespread changes to the industry and it is likely they will have an impact on your business at some point. It is now more crucial than ever to ensure your products are fully compliant with the FIR and other EU regulations, as failure to do so can potentially result in prosecution, not to mention the damage caused to your brand reputation.

Food Labelling Services offer the complete package when it comes to the checking your food labels. Our experienced consultants will ensure your business remains compliant with the FIR by taking the time to review the ingredients, additives and nutritional information of your products, confirming they are all permitted in the EU. To guarantee your products remain unaffected by EU legislation, our consultants can quickly assess your labels fully, checking a wide range of different mandatory information. In addition, we will also examine product allergens, marketing text, health or nutritional claims, quantity and country of origin statements to ensure total compliance.

Without having your labels checked by a professional, your business runs the risk of encountering serious and potentially expensive problems further down the line, such as a missed print date, non-compliant label or even a product recall. Food Labelling Services can help by highlighting any incorrect information and offering a range of viable solutions taking a professional approach.

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