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There are certain products that are exempt from weight or volume declarations. Please contact Food Labelling Services for further information.

Obviously to make what would be a marketing claim it would depend on the nature of the product and the formulation. All marketing claims on products have to comply with the Food Information Regulations (EU) 1169/2011 (FIR).

In the FIR, it states that food labelling information must always be open, honest and fair, and must not mislead our customers as to the nature, substance or quality of the food. It is therefore important that the overall presentation of the product is not misleading, including marketing messages, design, colour schemes, packaging shape, etc.

We can advise you on any type of marketing, health or nutrition claim. Please contact Food Labelling Services for further information.

The more information that you can provide us helps us immensely in being able to produce an accurate retailer specification promptly. As a bare minimum, the following information is required:

  • Product title
  • Product legal name
  • Product weight & whether it is packed to average or minimum weight
  • Recipe, including all component ingredients, and weights.
  • Raw material specs for each ingredient, ensuring that they contain countries of origin and allergen information.
  • Nutritional analysis results x 3 (or calculations), and portion size
  • Preparation instructions if applicable.
  • Packaging information
  • Storage instructions
  • Copies of HACCP and CCP’s

There are currently no approved health claims for the GI of a food on the nutrition and health claims register. Therefore this should not be declared. Please contact us for further advice to see if there are any approved health and nutrition claims that you can use.

QUID (Quantitative Ingredients Declaration) is the percentage of an ingredient in a product that has to be declared under certain circumstances. If the ingredient characterises the food, or is emphasised on the label through words, pictures or graphics, or if when the food is sold, omission of the QUID would mislead or deceive the consumer, QUID should be declared.

Only vitamins and minerals that are present in a significant amount should be declared in the nutritional information.

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