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‘Low Fat’, ‘High Fibre’, ‘Source of Calcium’ – are you confused and what do they mean?

Food Labelling Services can check any Health or Nutrition claim and ensure that it is compliance with the requirements of EC 1924/2006 and the Nutrition and Health Claims Register. The Nutrition and Health Claims Regulation (EC/1924/2006) was introduced with the aim of improving consumer protection by preventing unsubstantiated, exaggerated or untruthful claims about foodstuffs. It aims to ensure that claims made about food are substantiated by scientific evidence, are not misleadingly worded, and are consistent across the EU.

What is a health claim?

Health claims are complex. A health claim is any claim that states, suggests or implies that a relationship exists between a food category, a food or one of its components and health.

What is a nutrition claim?

Nutrition claims are those which state, suggest or imply that a food has particular beneficial nutritional properties.

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