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(B)utterly in breach? Ireland cracks down on misleading buttery claims

25th January 2016

(B)utterly in breach? Ireland cracks down on misleading buttery claims

The Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) has issued guidance for industry when using terms such as 'buttery' or 'butterly' following complaints that margarine manufacturers were misleading consumers.

Although the FSAI would not reveal the details of the complainant, it said the complaint did not refer to a specific product but was general nature, regarding the use of the term butter and derived terms on non-butter products.

It has published the guidance note, The Use of the Term ‘Butter’ in the Labelling and Advertising of Fat Spreads , which summarises Irish and European legislation in a bid to help industry comply with the law and protect consumers from false advertising.

Chief specialist in food technology at the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI), Dr Pat O’Mahony, said: “It is natural that marketing specialists will use every means at their disposal to gain a competitive edge over their rivals, but this must not be achieved at the expense of consumers’ trust.


You can read the full article HERE


Food Labelling Services comments:

Food labelling information must always be open, honest and fair, and must not mislead consumers as to the nature, substance or quality of the food. This is clearly stated in the Food Information Regulations 2011. It is important that the overall presentation of the product is not misleading, including marketing messages, design, colour schemes, packaging shape, etc. 

Food labelling information should also be clear and easy to understand, and allow customers to make informed choices about the food they purchase.

The document from the FSAI will allow standardisation and continuity across the EU in an area that has previously been unclear.

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