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Concern remain over hassle and extra cost following UK no-deal Brexit Labelling Advice

8th February 2019

The UK has issued guidance to food businesses on what they will need to include on labels if the UK leaves the EU without a withdrawal agreement on 29 March.

You can read the full article HERE


Food Labelling Services comments:

There are immediate changes required to country of origin rules, the EU organic logo and the EU emblem.

As of 29th March, the following will apply:

Country of Origin: UK food should not be labelled as originating from the EU. 

Organic logo: The EU organic logo should not be used on any UK organic products until the UK & EU reach an equivalency agreement.

EU Emblem: UK manufacturers should not use the EU emblem on goods produced in the UK

Supplier name and address: If the product is to be traded in the UK, post Brexit an UK address for a manufacturer, packer, distributor, importer or vendor will be required in addition to the address in the EU. Likewise all products sold in the EU should declare the name and postal address of a manufacturer, packer, distributor, importer or vendor within the EU. 

Defra has said that once the UK leaves the EU, there is the potential for all Food Labelling to changed. 


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