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Consumers are being misled by meat labelling, says consumer group

Brussels-based consumer rights organisation BEUC is calling on authorities to tighten checks on food manufacturers and ensure that they are abiding by EU law after it published a report which reveals how manufacturers legally and illegally mislead consumers. Systematic checks must ensure practices such as adding water to bulk up meat are properly declared, and food fraud must remain top of the EU agenda, it says. Consumers need to have confidence in the food they buy. Monique Goyens, BEUC’s director general, said: “Consumers should be able to trust the label on the food they buy. If we are serious about rebuilding confidence in meat, EU Member States need to beef up controls and make sure labels are complete and accurate. “Those purchasing fresh beef made to look as if it is 100% meat may feel deceived to discover additives in the ingredient list. Also, consumers buying roast pork or grilled sausages should know from the label how much meat they really contain. No one wants to buy water for the price of meat.”

You can read the full article HERE


Food Labelling Services comments:

The Food Information Regulations clearly state that any food labelling information should be open honest and fair, and should not mislead the consumer as to the nature of the food. There are clear guidelines for added ingredients in meat, and these should be adhered with to ensure compliant food labels. For further information and advice, please contact Food Labelling Services through our contact page HERE