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Get ready for the new EU rules on the use of natural flavourings in organic products

27th January 2020

Get ready for the new EU rules on the use of natural flavourings in organic products

Organic products have seen a rise in popularity over recent years as consumers become more conscious about the products they buy, the ingredients they contain and where they came from. 

More and more consumers are concerned about health issues related to pesticides, fertilisers and other chemicals used in farming, as well as ethical environmental practices and animal welfare​,” said Doruk Ongan, Head of Regional Innovation, Europe, Africa and Middle East, Givaudan. “All of this is driving the market for organic food and beverages​.”

In Europe, the organic food market increased by almost 11% in 2017 and reached €37.3bn according to the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL).

What’s more, FMCG gurus’ clean label report 2019, shows the appeal of organic products goes further than avoiding chemicals. In Europe, 64% of consumers believe that natural products taste significantly better and 39% associate ‘organic’ certification with a more ‘natural’ product.

Supermarket shoppers increasingly expect to verify the origin, ingredients and production methods behind their foods and beverages simply by looking at the labels. That means that transparency is key.


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Food Labelling Services comments:

The EU has strict regulations on products that are certified and labelled as ‘organic.’ Only limited additives are permitted and these are listed in Annex VIII of  Regulation (EC) No 889/2008 on Organic products.

From 2021, end products containing ‘natural’ flavourings will need to be reformulated in order to keep their ‘organic’ label. The flavourings will need to be either 95:5 flavourings, where the percentage of material derived from a natural named source is 95% or higher, or extracts, where 100% of the flavouring is derived from a natural named source.

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