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Is the clean-label trend fuelling food waste?

24th September 2015

Is the clean-label trend fuelling food waste?

As demand for preservative-free food rises, whose fault is it if food waste increases too – industry or consumers?

As consumers continue to be focussed on what goes into their food – over half of UK adults worry about additives in food – the clean-label trend is fast becoming an industry norm. ‘No additives or preservatives’ continues to be the number one claim used on food and drink launches across the world, says Mintel. But this inevitably means that food rots at a quicker rate, putting manufacturers in a difficult position. Laura Jones, global food science analyst at Mintel, said: “Manufacturers are in a challenging position as they need to balance consumer demand for more natural, additive and preservative-free products, while considering the implications of reducing the use of additives and preservatives, which can expedite spoilage rates.” Jones said: “Consumers often voice green or ethical sentiments [but] are often too cash-strapped or time-poor to turn belief into action, and instead look to manufacturers, retailers and brands to do the good work for them.” You can read the full article HERE

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