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Labelling meat and dairy products as 'clone-free' would cost billions: EC report

27th January 2016

Labelling meat and dairy products as 'clone-free' would cost billions: EC report

Labelling meat and dairy products as ‘clone derived’ or ‘clone-free’ would cost tens of billions to the European livestock industry, says a recently published report - so will the Commission 'set the limits on cloning' as MEPs urged it to do last year?

While no application for the marketing of food from clones has been submitted for novel food approval in the EU – and is not expected to within the next decade due to a mix of consumer resistance and industry indifference – the report admits the possibility that food derived from cloned offspring could be offered to consumers through meat and dairy imports from other countries, or through imported genetic materials used to breed animals in the EU.

This has prompted the Commission to investigate the cost and impact of a labelling system on food products that would allow consumers to know which products contain cloned material. 

You can read the full article HERE


Food Labelling Services comments:

There is a significant amount of work throughout the food chain that would need to be completed before any labelling policy could be implemented. It is important that the consumer knows as much as possible about the product that they are buying, so that they can make an informed choice. However, the controls behind the declarations have to be robust and trustworthy.

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