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Nitrates and charcuterie: French MPs call for 2025 ban

13th January 2021

Nitrates and charcuterie: French MPs call for 2025 ban

A French Parliamentary report recommends the use of nitrates in processed meats should be gradually phased out by 2025 over concerns that consumption of this controversial additive – used to extend the shelf life and prevent the oxidisation of processed meats – can be linked to a higher cancer risk.


Researchers from Queen’s University Belfast have uncovered what they describe as the ‘strongest link yet’ between nitrates in processed meat products and cancer risk.

You can read the full article HERE


Food Labelling Services comments:

In 2015, the World Health Organization (WHO) classified processed meats as Group 1 carcinogens, citing sufficient evidence that they cause cancer in humans. There has been further studies from QUB that indicate that it is the nitrates in the processed meats that cause the risk. In the U.K., the government recommends that people limit their consumption of processed meat to 70 grams per day, which is roughly the average daily consumption per person in the country. At Food Labelling Services, we will continue to monitor the French proposal, and whether this is adopted into EU law, and if the UK follows with UK law.

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