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Norwegian firms rethink product branding as consumers rate quality over origin

1st February 2016

Norwegian firms rethink product branding as consumers rate quality over origin

Norwegian food manufacturers are scrambling to change their branding and packaging as research shows the country's consumers rate country of origin lower than quality.

Norwegian consumers are more interested in the characteristics of a product, such as taste or suitability for a particular recipe, rather than whether it has been produced in Norway, according to the researchers.

The group of researchers from applied research institute, Nofima, surveyed 850 consumers from across the country and interviewed individuals immediately after they had done their grocery shopping in both large supermarkets and specialist stores.

Consumers who shopped in specialist food stores were “somewhat more” interested in the domestic origin of a product than those purchasing food in supermarkets. But even for these consumers, quality trumped origin.


You can read the full article HERE 


Food Labelling Services Comments:

Quality and customer satisfaction is imperative in getting repeat sales on a product. Labelling of country of origin allows the consumer to identify whether the product is from a domestic market, and allows choice. This seems more important for perishable items than longer life items.

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