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Pret allergen death sparks new law calls

9th November 2018

Pret allergen death sparks new law calls

A change in on-pack labelling laws is gathering support following the death of a 15-year-old who ate a product containing an undeclared allergen bought from a Pret A Manager outlet.

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Food Labelling Services comments:

In our opinion, there should be no differentiation between prepacked and non-prepacked foods when it comes to allergen labelling, and we would welcome a change in the Food Labelling laws. It seriously is a matter of life or death for those who are afflicted by a food allergy.  On average, 2 children per school class will have a food allergy and on average 10 people each year die in England and Wales as a result of having a food allergy. 
At Food Labelling Services we hope that Michael Gove will listen to the proposals to change allergen labelling for non pre-packed products, as it is essential that consumers are fully aware about the food that they are consuming.

It should not be too difficult for food retailers to set up a system to label the products that are made on site through a stickering system. As the law currently stands, there has to be notification to consumers at point of sale for non prepacked products, and staff should be trained to inform consumers who ask on the products. Therefore, the information should be present, and it can then be transferred onto the product through a stickering / labelling system.

It is imperative that the information is correct and commmunicated to the consumer effectively.


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