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Top label causes of food recalls

16th April 2020

Top label causes of food recalls

Allergens, followed by expiry dates and foreign language issues were the major labelling causes for food recalls across Europe over more than five years, according to Steve Spice, regulatory manager at Ashbury.

Allergens are the main cause of food label recalls, followed by expiry date and language.


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Food Labelling Services comments:


Food recalls are completed when the regulations have been contravened, and there is a risk to public health. They are costly to the company, but apart from the expense, there is the damage that a recall does to the Brand reputation. 

Allergens are the most frequent cause of recall, and can affect all companies from large retailers to SME's. It is imperative that all allergens are correctly declared, even in comjpound ingredients and processng aids. It is advised to get labels checked by experts such as Food Labelling Services to ensure that allergens are declared as prescribed in the Food Informations Regulation (EU) 1169/2011. 

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