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TTIP backlash: Europe wants its food to be craft, natural and home-grown

21st October 2015

TTIP backlash: Europe wants its food to be craft, natural and home-grown

From fibre-filled juice to bird-friendly coffee, cauliflower flour to pea bread, European demands for natural are being fuelled by a massive distrust of TTIP – and this will grow whether the treaty is ratified or not, says Mintel.

Although the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership is still at the negotiating stage and not due to be ratified in 2016, a consumer backlash has already begun. European fears over pesticides, growth hormones in beef and chemical food additives that are restricted in Europe but not the US are on the rise. And while TTIP itself is not responsible for this distrust, Mintel predicts it is set to become worse as a result of it. And as negotiations continue, consumer confidence seems to be eroding even further. A German survey conducted for food watchdog group FoodWatch found that consumer confidence is at its lowest level since they began polling the public in February last year. 46% of respondents said that the trade agreement would be bad for Germany compared with 25% in February 2014. According to Mintel data, less than half of UK consumers (49%) believe the food industry produces food that is safe to eat, while a 2015 survey by French industry group, ANIA, found that a majority of French consumers (54%) believe that the food industry does not honestly inform the public. You can read the full article HERE

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