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UK tied into EU label legislation

8th January 2019

The UK will be forced to follow EU guidelines on food labelling and safety post-Brexit without being part of the decision-making process, according to an expert in food legislation.

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Food Labelling Services comments:

To continue trading with the single market, the UK's food producers will have to comply with the EU regulation on food labelling as well as safety and welfare standards. This is to ensure that there will be no issues at the border, and that products will not be rejected from the EU due to non-compliance with the EU regulations.
However, once the UK has left the EU, we will no longer have a vote to decide how the food laws are managed, and will therefore be at the behest of the EU to follow regulations as they decide.

The UK could tighten the food standards, however, this may put us at a competative disadvantage when trading with Europe, and would also impact imports from the EU.

As yet, there is very little guidance on what will happen after March 29th 2019. 

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