Food Label Checking

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Food Label Checking

In the UK & EU, all food businesses have a responsibility to ensure the labelling on their products is relevant, legally compliant and meets all food safety standards.

Our expert consultants can assess your food labels quickly to ensure they meet UK and EU legislation, which have undergone significant upheaval in the last few years, giving you peace of mind that your product will be compliant.

Compliance reports include (list not exhaustive):

  • Ensuring all mandatory information is declared
  • Product name approval
  • Ingredient verification for appropriate market
  • Additive review for specific food categories
  • Novel Food identification
  • Allergen declaration check
  • Nutrition format verification
  • Quantity marking
  • Date coding
  • Storage instructions and instructions for use
  • Field of vision requirements
  • Country of origin declarations
  • Health & Nutrition Claims and other claims
  • Product warnings and other mandatory requirements
Food Label Checking
Compliance Checking Labelling

Non-Compliant Labelling

A product that is recalled due to an incorrect or non-compliant label will not only be expensive for your business, but often damaging to your brand.

With a swift and reliable approach to label checking, we can help you achieve accurate and legal food labels that your business can use with confidence. Our knowledgeable associate base has experience with a wide range of clients, and it is our aim to exceed your expectations in every project we undertake.