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Clear-headed but confused? How the ‘low and no alcohol’ catego...

Is the ‘low and no alcohol’ category well understood by consumers? Experts have their...

Green claims: UK's CMA targets honesty over environmental claims

Food businesses must be prepared for enforcement action from regulators to tackle the issue of gr...

Future of food: EU approves Yellow mealworm as novel food

This new type of food is known as “innovative food” or “novel food” and t...

EU officials reject plant-based dairy ban

European officials have rejected changes to food regulation that would have banned the use of dai...

Titanium dioxide: EFSA says E171 ‘no longer considered safe’

EFSA has updated its safety assessment of controversial food additive titanium dioxide, E171. The...

Halloumi and Hellim given PDO status

On 12 April, the European Commission announced two new measures: The first, that the Cypriot chee...
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